Guess the picture explains it all but that wouldn't do this full justice I suppose. It all started with lunch for the family. Up in the A.M. making lunches I would always make hearts in the sandwiches using condiments ( still do for my kids ! ) then it evolved to also adding their name in fancy lettering on the bag itself. Somewhere about a year and a half ago I started making small sharpie drawings and started that again in September with the new school year. One day they asked for different characters and it evolved to the point it is now, thanks to White lunch bags ( thanks -you-know-who :P ).

Basically I lie flat (4) lunch bags and do a request or a surprise, then the kids get (1) bag a day ( they buy Friday ) and complete the picture...some end up taped to the kitchen wall, called the "wall of awesomeness" by my kids. All get crumple, ripped, and beat on...after all they are lunch bags and disposable... not that my kids have been chucking them!

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this for my kids, I know how much they enjoy them and what it means to them...and to me. They will remember this for their entire lives and hopefully when I am to ancient to do it for my grandkids..they will do it. They are the 3 most amazing kids you could ever meet ( ok, I am biased ) and I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

Enjoy the site and thanks for coming!

Matt Roberts